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Rufus create bootable USB flash drives.
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TechDump -i any -vvv

TechDump is a collection of information around random technology with a illiberal steer towards networking, virtualisation  and Linux.

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Recent Juniper Funk

  • SRX - Displaying Real-Time Interface Information Examplemonitor traffic interface pp0.0 no-resolve extensiveREF: ...
    Posted 24 Oct 2017, 19:05 by Donald Ross
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Recent Checkpoint Funk

  • SPLAT OSPF R75 Enter the SecurePlatform expert mode.Type pro enable at the prompt and press Enter.Reboot.Type router at the prompt and press Enter. enableconf trouter ospf 1network ...
    Posted 9 Oct 2016, 11:24 by Donald Ross
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Recent F5 Funk

  • Ansible and F5 ~~~~~still to edit~~~~~~~Install OS - Ubuntu 16.04    # ansible-tower setupwget " ...
    Posted 3 May 2018, 13:41 by Donald Ross
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Recent HP Networking Funk

  • HP A-series commands cheat sheet LAB ACCESS SETUP telnet server enableline vty 0 4 authentication-mode noneBGPdis ip routing-table protocol bgp ###Display the routing information the specified BGP peer advertised or ...
    Posted 29 Jun 2016, 01:54 by Donald Ross
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Recent Ubuntu Funk

  • Ubuntu clean up sudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get cleansudo purge-old-kernels   (fixed /boot 100% issue)sudo apt autoremovesudo update-grub
    Posted 24 Dec 2018, 04:56 by Donald Ross
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Recent Announcements

  • Add sound to ESXi VM edit the *.vmx file by adding these lines:sound.allowGuestConnectionControl = "true"sound.autoDetect = "true"sound.virtualDev = "hdaudio"sound.present = "TRUE"sound.fileName = "-1"
    Posted 14 Jul 2021, 01:44 by Donald Ross
  • VNC to VMware guests Configure the VM by adding these lines to the VMX fileVM must be shut down to configureRemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled = [true|false]RemoteDisplay.vnc.port = [port #]RemoteDisplay.vnc.password ...
    Posted 10 Apr 2016, 00:03 by DR Labs
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